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Race Evaluation

BAOC Club Champs: Blue


1. +07:30Went too far left / low. Felt like the map might be slightly weird in this area.
2. Contoured - should probably have stayed low and climbed later.
3. +01:30Went too far right / high.
4. Knew I had to climb a bit so I tried to stay on compass. Then used the medium green patch to guide me - passed 30 ft left of it and could see the rock through the grass.
5. Contoured and used trees to guide my final approach.
6. +02:00Went left and contoured. Ended up slightly below orchard but thought I was lower. Should have taken the road for the last 200 m but got lost in the green instead. At least I saved some climb compared to the people who ran down SE out of 5.
7. +00:10Ate some gu / drank some water. Then ran like crazy down the hill. I hesitated when hitting the old trail - I hadn't noticed it on my map yet.
8. +05:00Didn't climb high enough. Ran over to the road to find out where I was, then climbed up to the saddle and found it easily.
9. +00:15Contoured from the turn in the road, overshot a bit but was saved by the green.
10. Climbed slowly but surely - used the big clearing to guide me towards the smaller one.
11. +01:00Tried to find a good path through the green but got stuck in fight for a minute or so.
12. Contoured to road and left it just before the turn. Went by 8 again. Stayed pretty high when crossing to the other side.
13. Up to the clearing and down the trail. Crossed through the white and up to clearing on other side. Ran into the white on the road and used the reentrant to guide me.
14. Down down down.
15. Followed the riverbed for a while. Probably was not the fastest route, but I was feeling a bit giddy and didn't want to deal with the green. Climbed up to avoid the final hairpin.
16. Slow climbing using the contours to guide me.
17. Dropped down to trail and climbed back up. Contouring may have been faster.
18. +00:30Saw a tall pine tree from far away and sprinted towards it. Then realized that it was in the wrong green. Found the control on what seemed to be a dead tree in the green 50 m further north.
19. Compass - dead on.
20. Left side of brook to trail - up to finish to avoid crossing a largish looking reentrant.
F. Wondered why this is mapped as yellow, despite having very little visibility and you have to zig-zag around vegetation.

Total Time Lost - 00:17:55

Split Analysis

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