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Race Evaluation

Georgia Navigator Cup: Green X


1. ok, st down side of brod spur to bottom, sep ditch fm gully, & careful up to small reent - could have been trouble
2. +04:30across spur, by fenced in water feature, to ride & along & then did not figure out what ever happened - got in wrong spur or reent - terrible! ready to quit....
3. got on final correct path & so easy..!
4. L rte to path contouring, up side of big reent, over saddle
5. around pond to R, up long, big reent & across top to shallow reent
6. N across fld, down into reent by ruined bldgs, finally up correct reent
7. short, st
8. easy enough to hi point & rd jct
9. round grn to L, & careful to broad reent
10. short/st
11. st, over broad top, no decent ap but nailed it
12. pretty much st, cutting corners, > dot knoll @ hi pt
F. skedaddle

Total Time Lost - 00:04:30

Split Analysis

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