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Race Evaluation

SVO Mid-Atlanic Champs: Blue


1. S-1 I started just in front of Karl Alswede Up the trail past the relay control then across before getting to the top. I did however go over the spur and got there just behind Peggy who started about 2 minutes ahead.
2. 1-2 Peggy was trying to tell me something but I could hear while crunching leaves. I stopped and she waived me on. I contoured somewhat staying near the steeper ridge but going through the green. I was surprised to see it come-up so quick.
3. 2-3 I thought to go to the trail then go right for a closer attack point. After climbing to the trail I decided to key off the last cabin and read the rocks. I didn't know for sure which rock it was but hit it pretty well.
4. 3-4 Straightish and tentative.
5. 4-5 I figured I'd not want to climb then drop again so I stayed low. Getting through the rocks wasn't that bad. After passing them I read two green areas and pulled-up short. Not seeing it, I climbed to get an attack point off the rock but found two smaller ones. I circled, climbed back then went on from below again. I got there just ahead of Florin Tencarlu.
6. 5-6 Florin went high right away. I ran around the green then climbed. I got on a deer trail and gained some ground. I misread the large reentrant as a ridge so climbed to my right and let Florin go. After checking my compass I corrected and chased him again. Again I gained, noting my position at some small cliffs before crossing the reentrant and both ditches. Florin seemed to go too far right so I ran on bearing. I slowed, made the rocky ground to left and rocks to the right and spiked it.
7. 6-7 While climbing I started walking some then figured I'd be faster by heading toward the saddle. Crossing the road I hypothesized my location by a rock, and adjusted to the right. I did so too much and neared the cliffs in the direct line forcing another correction.
8. 7-8 I ran straight through the green. Near the end I had to force myself to cut right over the ridge and in doing so spiked it.
9. 8-9 I ran straightish and upon hitting the road, noted the reentrant by the index contour NW of the control. I got there a little high and had to drop to it.
10. 9-10 I went mostly straight but missed slightly to the right. I was tentative dropping down far enough.
11. 10-11 I heard Florin coming to #10 as I left. I started to contour but decided to drop. As I climbed back, Florin came up on my left. I kept going and spiked it w/him right behind.
12. 11-12 I went straight and crossed the stream just above the confluence. A few steps further and I stumbed in some leaves and rocks thus scraping several layers of skin off a square inch of my palm--it was bloody right away and a the piece of skin hung on. I hit my shin too. I stopped and retied my gaiter then climbed. Florin had contoured and we crossed paths as I climbed perpendicular to the hill when I needed to go more left where Florin was headed. I kept climbing and relocated NW of the control at a flatish area. Marek Filicko was hunting and we crossed paths as I ran down to the control.
13. 12-13 I ran just under the big boulder w/Marek in chase. I missed too far right but pulled-up in time for Marek to get there and give it away.
14. 13-14 I ran out first pulling away from Marek. I noted some rocks on my right and thought they were the first set so I went on and hunted the second set. Marek followed me in. In the A-meet I made my only mistake here by spiking the control but not reading the code correctly. It seemed very similar to the area so I checked thoroughly, even climbing up again when Marek went on. I gave up and went on to. I came at the control for the high side and had to jump down twice, slowly.
15. 14-15 I drank then jogged slowly eating a Gu for a while. Marek wasn't in sight until I neared the control, going straight and over one charcol terrace. I seemed to make-up ground.
16. 15-16 With Marek ahead I charged off. I climbed a bit as he did and closed some ground. I almost didn't see it at the end.
17. 16-17 I charged down with Marek still ahead. We dropped perpendicular to the contour which brought us right a bit. At the stream Marek looked for a better crossing. I just plunged across getting ankles and feet wet. The area ahead was like Bowie so I felt confident. I relocated and was surprised being too far right. I followed the wet ditch to the control and saw Florin headed to #18. Marek had crossed it so I got ahead.
18. 17-18 I took off straight along the wet ditch, then ignoring trails. I didn't see the bridge and didn't care since I was already wet. Crossing at the bend, it felt good on my shin scrape. I stayed low following ditches, sometimes in them until the the last climb at the end.
19. 18-19 I stayed low again but followed the creek too much. The cliffs W of the control were good attack points.
20. 19-20 Straightish but tired and lazy.
F. 20-F I should have run harder.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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