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Race Evaluation

Great Brook State Farm: Sprint #2


1. across fld, bit to R of others, onto high, big rock, OK?... ok
2. knoll, rf, wall, see dry water area
3. +00:20thru 'wet area', X rd, onto hi, search a bit too long but settle in & find w/ tad uncertainty
4. most to deal with on sprint - hop across paths, pay bunches of att'n, lv path, contour...knoll top, not cliff bottom...
5. hard 10 deg L of west into open, spot tree, thar she be
6. b4 leaving, note where to go - beaten grass/compass course - into woods, wall and wall corner
7. out to open to 'hite', into on compass, see recognizable knoll where cp is
8. way hard rt, pass MIT woman (COC) I'd encountered on way to start - over top, descend, one motion to catch the eye, knoll & cp beyond
9. N to path, to knoll/rf, pick up net path to obvious rf, over top to reent -saw tp for second time
10. st thru confusion, then familiar knoll
11. st & down, big bldr & path, see wall & cross to cp - tp in sight
12. down reent to light & to next fld - horse jump there for the having
13. path to sense of where to lv - onto height, voila
14. +00:30paths to fld & as b4 - but 'confusion' ? about what i'd already perceived
15. to end of fld, woods to ht & over to cp
16. "behind ice cream house" the mantra - Ed ? ahead
17. run hard to realize was heading to wrong control - wrong cc - look/think, go bk 30m, 5m in
F. skedaddle - where is the water hole...

Total Time Lost - 00:00:50

Split Analysis

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