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Race Evaluation

HVO/DVOA dual meet: Red


1. +00:20NE up left side of reentrant, climbed to road, then to bend just befor bend on line, and down to bag, drifting a little right on way down. I think ~east to road out of start would be faster.
2. Straight
3. +00:05Contoured to road S of bag, up a little to 1st bend, then contoured with a little climb to spur, then drop toward bag. Slight hesitation near end as I did expect control to be off the edge
4. +00:10Climb-contoured a bit (not needed), then contoured more and dropped to dirt road. Followed nearly to start parking lot, then cut off running ~1 contour below green looking right until I saw bag.
5. +01:20Up to trail, diagonaled a bit near little hilltop and hit trail junc., but didn't recognize it (thought I'd gone over to the lower hilltop near bag.) Ran along trail a bit (~200m SE of bag) then noticed it was all downhill to the SE, so cut over to right hilltop, hitting boulder to it's east first. (Had momentary thought that I might be at hill SW of 5...) then cut back along hit and did see right bag.
6. +00:05SW to trail past reentrant then trail SW past marsh - cut off where I could basically go S to bag and looked ahead for hill mass to guide me.
7. Along high ground.
8. A litte right of the spur on the line.
9. Climb-contoured. Momentarily thought first reentrant should have been the depression, but read map and continued.
10. +00:10SE to trail - confused quite a bit by depression under the line - it looked like a hill on the map, but did loop around to right and continue
11. Straight
12. SW around beach area, back long dirt road, cut off across reentrant to trail & then up.
13. +00:10contour/climbed a little, then decided late to drop to trail and run hard before contouring and climbing back up to bag. Caught Dasha here (who I'd seen leaving 12)
14. contoured up, followed old road-bed trail (a few large trees across it...
15. +00:10L of little hill then straight. Hard to see marshes and green but bearing, stream and hill led me there - some hesitation when climbing hill, and then upon not seeing bag at top
16. Exit along spur then over next hilltop to next spur
17. Around little marsh (perhaps too far?) then straight, seeing boulder first.
18. Diagonal climb early, followed road (rockier than some other roads), then trails along map edge until hill mass. Contoured around, climbing a lot to get past deadfall, and seeing control well below to the left (using spur to know ~ where to look.)
19. Drifted a little left of line, but mostly straight.
F. Pushing to break 50 (not quite :)

Total Time Lost - 00:02:30

Split Analysis

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