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Race Evaluation

SVO Mid-Atlanic Champs: Relay Leg #1


1. S-1 Charged-up with the rest and got to #1 first.
2. 1-2 Up the trail and to the rocks on the right. It seemed a bit far while climbing.
3. 2-3 Up the trail passing the tree feller. I felt tired from the Blue course and the 80m at that pace was doing me in. I cut left too early letting Randy catch-up in the process. I'd seen what looked like the steeping of the ridge but at 1:7,500, I was seeing stuff farther to the left before the ridge. Back on the trail, I got there about when Randy did.
4. 3-4 Randy took off to the right. I wanted to go straight but didn't know what to expect in the unmapped felled area. I stayed after Randy but had difficulty as he goated his way down the steep hill over the rocks and branches. As it flattened, I got back into stride and gained some ground I'd lost. Randy went a bit low too. I could see it a long way off. He got there ahead of me.
5. 4-5 Randy went down the reentrant. I wanted to go straighter crossing the spur. Randy changed direction and crossed it too. He still dropped to the road earlier than I did. As we approached he asked which way for #5. At first, not hearing him well I thought he was talking about to #4 and said road. Then I looked ahead and understood that he was asking about the next leg so I said straight. I got to #4 right on his heels.
6. 5-6 Randy goated off again across the felled area and the drop to the streams. I chased struggling to keep up. As we climbed, I regained composure and gained enough to pass just at the road. We turned left and I saw a control to the right. Going in first, I realized it wasn't it and headed back to the road. Then Randy saw in and headed in to it. I second guessed myself and went back toward it, now behind Randy. As he veered away, we went on and found it about the same time. I let him punch first and had to pause to make sure my punch recorded.
F. 6-7 Out to the road chasing Randy, I thought to let him finish first but since it was a relay and others depended on me I sprinted past and finished ahead about 2 seconds.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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