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Race Evaluation

DVOA Mt. Penn: Red


1. +00:05Past parking lot, up, then traverse - non-confident on approach
2. +00:25Up to trail, across road, trail to 2nd of 2 nearby ditches, then straight looking for next trail junc.. Missed R & turned R, up trail to almost ditch end, then contoured in, and followed up line of boulders
3. +00:05Straight - a little wobbly in rocks at start
4. WSW diagonal to road, the S downhill, cut W along road, cut down a bit too far E, then angled over
5. Climb, road around, powerline trail down a bit, but it was leafy and rocky, so I just cut off through the forest
6. +00:25Upper trail, Left of first spur. Up over dot knoll, but couldn't see bag, ran along R side then back up to spur and had to backtrack
7. +00:20Up trailish thing, through parking lot, angle to trail (hit at red line), cut off trail at ditch before bag, but pushed R by vegetation looping a little low
8. contour, to upper trail, L at x, then straight in from next junction
9. Down, first avoiding house, then trail to its fence corner to get a good bearing down and in
10. +00:45Straight, I thought, but ended up low at green/white boundary, looking around not sure if up or down and finally spotted bag above.
11. Trail, diagonal in.
12. Straight
13. Straight, saw Dasha leaving bag.
14. Barely got past Dasha going straight as runability varied a lot.
F. A little right of line to streamered trail to streamers to finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:05

Split Analysis

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