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Race Evaluation

DVOA Brandywine: Blue


1. Not quite prepared for the flying-downhill pace out of the start. Hestiated at a few trail junctions.
2. Across stream, along stream, climb, out nose looking behind every rock.
3. +00:20Noticing the line made a jog out to the creek, I exitted 2 away from 3, on trails looping downhill - one trail obliterated by downed tree, and should have dropped faster. After that, headed to shoreline and took off along water's edge - it was fast from there on in.
4. +00:20Slow on leafy, rocky, steep exit (5). Through too much grass in the field on the way to where th map matched again (5). Up unmapped trail, cut off, hit another trail that I thought might be the upper one, or an unmapped one - still not sure, and angled in a little confused (10.)
5. On line. Lots of little branches in my face.
6. +01:50Up to trail. Retied shoe as left forefoot was still a bit numb. (Stayed that way through ~12 even though I loosened to the shoe here, and retightened it near 11 - not sure what's up...) (10s). Followed trail, lost it for bit, followed again until past rocks SSE of 5. Dropped NW too far from reentrant (5s), then hestitated (5s) and then went toward right lower broad spur/terrace inside the circle. That made sense, but I couldn't undertand the countour right above the bag, as it didn't look right - so I stood around lookin behind a few rocks, finally deciding to look a little lower, and closer to the stream, and found it. (130)
7. +01:00Straight to ruin through way too much green, stuck getting out of it too. (1m) then up trail, left on little trail for a tad, then angled in, reading well.
8. Straightish a little L of line. Nice.
9. Straight, aiming L of nice house on hill, getting stuck in a bit of briar.
10. +00:30Incl. 30 sec. H2O. Took trail, then down and all the way up to field corner, ran along here tightenight L shoe as it felt loose (but with forefoot still numb...) Followed clearing into forest. That sucked as it was overgrown a little greenish. Down reentrant to close, then hestitated making sure I hadn't overshot.
11. Trail, across muddy stick, up.
12. Basically on line, weaving to minimize green and following big green edge on R.
13. Straight to creek, across briary stuff up to little trail, along that a bit, then cut through more briary stuff to top.
14. Exit S. Trail E. Up to saddle. Contour around and dive down. Suprised to see bag up other side, as I hadn't read the desc.
15. Contouring a bit, then up.
16. NW to trail to road W, L to T, then Right to trail, ride junction, then left to 3rd ride, right to trail (took longer than I though to get to it.)
17. Straight.
F. Mark, Robert & Michelle Frank cheering me in.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:00

Split Analysis

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