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Race Evaluation

Georgia Navigator Cup: Blue2


1. +02:00Bad. Was heading down the hill okay, but drifted left and almost reached trail. Saw a control at the top of erosion gully, realized where I was, and had to cross the reentrant and climb back up. I probably could have seen the flag on the way down if I had looked the right way.
4. Had to detour around a couple of encampments, and also had a minor detour because in the gray light, I mistook the big medium green patch for rough open (I'm colorblind).
5. +01:00Sloppy. Miscounted reentrants right at the outset, and thus started looking for the control one hill early. The contour shapes looked completely wrong, so I realized what I was doing and kept going to the right place.
7. Slow going up this hill.
8. Caught by Eglinski helfway through the leg, and we exchanged some pleasantries about how Scarborough was going to enjoy this particular leg. We were both momentarily puzzled at the end of the leg, but I don't think it made more than a few seconds difference. Nevertheless, Eglinski commented, "There's a lesson, talking to J-J is not the same as reading the map".
9. +02:30Eglinski says, "Now it gets physical, and pulls away. He went higher, I went lower to the right and picked up a sweet very old trail. I could just barely see him up ahead as he vanished over the ridge up by the control. When I got up there, one reentrant short of the control, I went past a control on nothing that I could discern (in the terrain or on the map), hanging on the side of a reentrant. Continued on, but then I could see the road, too close, and figured out that I was up at another reentrant, about 200 m too far east... HEY! THAT WEIRD CONTROL WAS MINE!!! Doh! Looped back as quick as I could, but...
10. Grumble, grumble... I hate having the purple line go right across an out-of-bounds area... went north around the porcelain graveyard...

Total Time Lost - 00:05:30

Split Analysis

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