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Race Evaluation

DVOA Iron Hill: Red


1. +00:35Started on trail W of pond, cut through crappy forest back to other trail (15s), then followed small trail to big trail, and cut in too shalow hitting NW edge of circle and having to go through reentrant to bag. (20s)
2. Learned lesson so exited above reentrant, a little R of straight, right of the hill in the depression and looped in toward flag.
3. Ran down big trail just a bit before deciding to trust compass and map and climb the very steep slope. Bag dead ahead.
4. Bearing
5. Trails past hilltop M-green, SE down reentrant to big stream then S to bag.
6. +00:05Compass, but drifted right - could tell due to green and rocks seemed above me so contoured a little higher and saw bag.
7. Straighish, noting I was left of spur and then aiming back.
8. Tried straight but hit edge of mining (?) area. Contour + bearing in from there.
9. Contour climb, then drop a bit then across, saw bag up ~1.5 contours and aimed up.
10. +00:15Diagonal downhill out of 9, but after crossing reentrant I kept same angle downhill when I should have went flat. Saw mining area and had to climb ~ 1 contour to get around
11. Straight
12. Straighish, along edge of rocks up to trail then loop around to bend I should have taken in the morning, dropping to contour at the same elevation as the house. (Peter G's plan from the Sprint attack to a similar point...)
13. Considered low road but just contoured with a little climb, through parking and road to trail junc. then contour right in.
14. Rough bearing konwning green would stop me from going too far west, climbed on purpose to get over spur and nailed.
15. +00:05A little too far up trail before cutting in.
16. Trails to spur, saw bag before leaving trail.
17. East by least resistance knowing the yellow strip would be obvious and get me out. Least resistance pushed me to trail gap and then around through yellow to boulder (from the Sprint.)
18. I was hoping the finish hadn't moved, but then I noticed this was on the far side of the parking lot.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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