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Race Evaluation

BAOC Tahoe 3-Day: Red


1. +02:30Took me a while to get used to the map, probably some nerves, too - first A meet
2. Stayed low until one of the more distinct logging trails, then somehow successfully contoured to the control
3. +03:00stared at the wrong group of boulders for a while before i realized where I was
4. followed the boulders. np.
5. took my time along the NE side of the valley
6. this hill killed me. no mistakes, just s l o w.
7. +09:00big boom. hadn't worked my way far enough over towards the north side of the hill. and I was also too low much of the time
8. i'd already seen this one looking for 7, but i still initially ran to the wrong thicket
9. +14:00this was awful. very poor route choice - I went all the way down the the trail on the west of the hill, which required me to climb back up later. i was very disoriented after i got off the trail and ended up near 12, which immediately solved that problem
10. stayed on the flat stuff pretty much straight to the control
11. ditto - i was having fun again
12. +01:30bad route choice here - for some reason i climbed up the steeper stuff to the east. I was also very tired at this point. went around big boulder patch and dropped right into control.
13. cruised on the trail until the small intersection and dropped down to the reentrant
14. i could taste the finish, got kind of a second wind
F. absolutely relieved to be done.

Total Time Lost - 00:30:00

Split Analysis

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