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Race Evaluation

QOC Greenbelt Motala: Blue


1. Ran to south end of field and continued more or less south, i.e. aiming off slightly west of the control. Arguably overdid that a bit since I corrected eastwards when I got close and saw how close to the Azalea Trail I'd come.
2. Saw Eddie as I crossed the road. Nasty vegetation but easy navigation using the stream as a handrail 15 to twenty meters to my left.
3. Headed straight east across the stream and trail to find the ditches along the slope. Attacked on a compass bearing from the northernmost ditch.
4. To trail quickly heading almost straight north - heading northwest and avoiding climb probably would have been better. After crossing road, knew the trail heading west was vanishingly faint so headed cross country slightly south of the line between controls, using the trail before the control as a catching feature.
5. To the trail, on it for a short distance, then into the mess of ditches/gullies.
6. Up on top of the spur then follow it to the control on the depression.
7. Trail east, leaving it at the jog to follow the valley south towards the control. Got slightly lucky in managing to hit the right part of the ditch-infested slope. It could easily have taken me another minute to figure out where I was if I'd overshot and hit the ditches further downslope.
8. Ran on the east side of the stream approaching the control through considerable deadfall - should have gone to the road on the edge of the map.
9. Easy.
10. Stayed on the trails - easy.
11. So apparently Pat Shannon and Rich Feliciano can both run 100m in ten seconds at the end of an orienteering course.
12. Run hard to impeccable catching feature since the earth bank is right next to the junction of the two streams.
13. Went high around the thick vegetation on the west side of the stream. Almost overshot when I came back down.
14. Reprise of third leg except for angling north while crossing stream on the way to the trail.
15. +01:30This time I contoured heading to the trail. Meant to attack from the end of the wet ditch south of the control but it didn't seem distinct in the terrain. Overshot to the trail west of the control and wasted a bit of time making sure of where I was on it by running north to the first trail junction.
16. Easy - just had to keep my eyes open after I plunged into the mess of ditches.
17. Same comment as for 16.
18. Ran the straight line as much as the green allowed. Attacked from control 7 of the A loop.
19. Tried running very nearly the direct line, thinking the runnability would be better on top of the broad spur west of my line on the previous loop. Vegetation was better but deadfall was horrendously worse. Going to the road would likely have been better here as well. Heading north and then taking the trail east to attack the control from the north might also have been better.
20. Trail running leg.
21. Trails again though it was a close call - if one could guarantee navigational accuracy while running the direct line, it probably would be better but that's a tough guarantee to give.
F. Shortest leg ever (1 meter was probably rounding up). Either inability to move arm fast enough or 1 second resolution of SportIdent timing or both contribute to slowest TPK leg of the course.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:30

Split Analysis

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