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Race Evaluation

QOC Greenbelt Motala: Blue


1. Started with A loop. Matched with Patrick Shannon who raced off across the field forcing me to run faster so I would not look bad. Across the field using the tree in the middle to get the correct line. Straight line in woods to control.
2. Thought trail in green might be hard to find so went E around green before catching it. Bigger trail than expected. Crossed stream on the road then along the stream thru the green to the control. Saw Patrick ahead of me but did not see him punch. Decided I should have stayed on the other side of stream where the green was thinner.
3. Across the stream and straight to the control. Visible from a distance and apparently common with other courses as there was a crowd.
4. NW on the contour to get to the trail without going thru any green. Stayed on the trail after crossing the road and after some confusion at the first junction, just went straight and looked for the bag after crossing the 2nd trail. Probably should have stayed on trail toward 5 most of the way.
5. +00:30Could not decide on best way and while thinking just went S on first trail. Stayed on too long and came to the bag from the W. Not a very good route thru the ditches. Patrick was just leaving the control as I got there.
6. Out the spur. Seemed farther than I expected.
7. A route choice is needed. Do not want the straight line thru the green, so head S on the trail to Still Creek figuring there will be good running along the creek and it will be easier to attack and search the ditches while going uphill. Head up at the ruined bridge and not to much time finding the correct ditch.
8. +01:00See Patrick again. He is extracting himself from some thorns. First thought is along the road but it is the BW Parkway so I do not do it. Go thru the woods with the last 300m paralleling the road. Map says woods are nice but it was crappy running and I lost a lot of time. Patrick says he took the road on this leg.
9. Straight but get to far left just like Ted. Miss the trail jct and road junction and just go straight for the parking lot.
10. N to trail, then N to EW trail. Pass Patrick going the other way. Thought he was long gone after my slow leg on 8. W to field and see Patrick going thru the woods to the same control. Could be a sprint in to finish the loop.
11. It is not his control so I win the first loop while he goes to the correct control.
12. Can not miss this one. Field, then SW to trail. At the bend head for the stream. Its on the other side and high. Perhaps I should have read my description.
13. +01:00This blows my plan to stay on the E side of the stream to avoid the green. When I see where the control is I wonder what Patrick was doing the first loop. It is well beyond the green. I take the road around and cut in at the 2nd clearing. Got careless and dropped down to soon and missed the bag.
14. Basically the same leg as the first loop. Even cross thru some deadfall at the same place. Patrick is right in front of me.
15. +02:00Do not hesitate and take the same route to the trail as before. Patrick goes thru the green and I get ahead. I have already had a drink at the road crossing before he gets there. I make up for it by blowing the control. Last I see of Patrick is as he runs by on the way to his #4. From the junction I think I am heading right for it. To far left and then drawn off more by #173. End up at the trail on the far side. Relocate at the bend.
16. Straight line, attacking from the trail jct. Do not see Patrick anywhere at this common control.
17. +00:30Straight but control seems farther away than expected and I am hesitant at the final approach.
18. +03:00Here is that route decision again. Stream route looks to far out of the way and I still do not like the straight line thru the green. Go around on the trail to the N, then run S on the spur. Would have been ok if I had not been so tired and ran faster and found the control. Got to the ditches but could not see the bag. Have to wander a bit to make sure I am in the right place. Eventually find it by going into the ditches and coming at it from below.
19. Initial thought is to take the road and trail around, but change my mind at the clearing. Recall 2-3 on this loop was easy and 3-8 looks clean. Cut in from the road, past 2 then exact route used to 3 the previous 2 times. No problem from there.
20. Find the trail junction this time. Cannot decide on best route so go road, then cut to trail, then attack from jct. No speed left.
21. No thinking, just follow the same trail route to the clearing I used last time. I had noted where Patrick went on his loop so go straight to my control.
22. Get confused by seeing a control 11 on my descriptions so have to stop and check the map instead of just running in. Remember that this is because of the loop finish in addtion to the course finish.
F. Punch as fast as I can. Maybe I can win this split. Rounding error makes it meaningless. (except for those who took over 1 sec) See Patrick downloading his splits as I run in. He has destroyed me on the 2nd loop. I found loop B much harder. Even with the knowledge from loop A, I had trouble with several controls.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:00

Split Analysis

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