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Race Evaluation

QOC Greenbelt Motala: Blue


1. I was actually B/A so 12-21 preceded 1-11. Comment accordingly makes more sense starting at 12. Trail around to the south side of the stream.
2. Waste a solid minute+ deliberating at the second bridge before electing the streambed as path of least resistance.
3. rerun of B3
4. trail the whole way. Stop to show two high schoolers where they are on their map.
5. Only been to this park one other time but remember this as an unforgiving area. Walk in from the trail to avoid spooking the control.
6. Straight
7. Value leg. For variety I elect not to rerun b6>b7. I run south the whole way to the stream. Thinking animals and people like to walk along the edge of streams so even though nothing is marked there should be a trail there. Sure enough a pretty clear one. Getting within sight of the central bridge over still creek I head due uphill thinking I'll see it as I go by. Not. After a bit of circling I pass B7 where I have been before. Here is an interesting question. Can you keep your map from the first loop when you run your second. If I had been able to put them side by side I could have found this several minutes faster. As it was I wasn't 100% sure where B7 was realtive to A7. Eventually work it out though. Distance covered ~1.6k
8. North on the road to the exact spot where I have entered two prior time today and rerun by a&B 3 before moving on to 8.
9. running harder for the 3 pm cutoff after the 7 debacle
10. running harder for the 3 pm cutoff after the 7 debacle
11. Continuing my open field to finish split ownership streak.
12. With the goals of the day being, in order of importance, to avoid: injury, the dark green, the catastrophic error, and the high end of the HR zones, I start slow.
13. From the bridge I turn right on the road left on the next road and drop dow between the signs. A long route but not much vegetation to battle.
14. Learning from my errors at CHipawomsic I see the obvious grade break as a good target.
15. Downhill to the first trail turn right. trails the whole way to the mess of dark green. Back and forth twice looking for a painless route I eventually overshoot a lot by choice of fight avoidance.
16. Due west to the trail
17. Back to the trail for as far as possible
18. A scenic route which Nadim charitably describes as valid based on my description. North to the trail. Trail most of the way to Park central road. South on road to closest signpost to the control as attack point. I Make this at about 1.5K for a 420 M leg.
19. North on the road basically rrerunning the route from b2 > b3 verbatim them to this control.
20. Trail/road the whole way
21. To the field a bit too far north and then run the edge south.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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