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Race Evaluation

QOC Greenbelt Motala: Blue


1. Did Loop A first. Started with David Onkst. Ran fast throught the field then slowed down in the green.
2. +00:45trail to road. Small trail not easy to see but I knew where it would be. Road to other side of stream. Saw Dave leaving his control # 1. Thought control was on stream bend when it was higher. I stayed low along stream and had to fight through the green. Dave got to the control just ahead of me. Unfortunately, it wasn't Dave's control.
3. straight. Saw Dave looking confused as I left control. Bye, bye Dave.
4. straightish to trail, stream area. Trails to close to control.
6. straight
7. +00:20trail east past reentrant and then cut into the woods. Over the hill and down to control. Little bit of time finding correct ditch/gully.
8. +01:30Straight to clearing. Headed to far east and ended up by road. Didn't want to run along road so stayed in the slow woods. Pulled up way short and had to figure things out.
9. Ended up way left when I hit the road so cut straight through the woods. Past parking area and to the control.
10. Straight through the woods.
12. field end, cut over to trail. Trail until I could see the control and a convenient crossing point.
13. This time I stayed high.
14. straight
15. same route as before. Up trail, past road, to trail junction.
16. wanted to go straight but ended up at trail.
17. trail to trail junction to control.
18. +02:00This Time I went straight through the green. Made ok time gettng there but couldn't find the control when I got there. I ran all over down there. Still not sure about its location.
19. straight
20. Ended up left again at the road. Went straight again.
21. This time I took the field

Total Time Lost - 00:04:35

Split Analysis

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