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Race Evaluation

US Team Fundraiser: M21 WRE


1. small distance along the trail before I realized I had to go into the woods. was cautious and hit the rootstock ok.
2. +00:10climbed higher than necessary and dropped down a bit
3. straight to road and just left of line
4. +00:15up reentrant and through saddle, climbed 1 contour up towards control (upper part) and had to drop down.
5. around and up through, easy
6. down and further down, attack towards end of spur on left
7. saw the flag from the other side of the hill before I dropped down
8. went right around long spur, down and up, easy
9. left of center, to road corner, straight to green spur, past the 'X', over top of spur and in
10. lft through saddle, around spur, up and in
11. right of knoll, up , up and up
12. down past green on right, down past biggest reentrant on right, up to 'Y' in trails, attack on west side
13. right of line, up to first spur, drop 2 contours and back up to top, contour alon n/w side past one reentrant to flag
14. contour past next reentrant, then drop down, saw the dot knoll (root stock) from a distance
15. down west of cliff and cross clean and dry, run towards people, fast punch and
F. finish

Total Time Lost - 00:00:25

Split Analysis

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