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Race Evaluation

QOC, Manassas: Green


1. Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
Read map too late
Got confused and started W down trail. Along clearing then through woods to correct trail.
2. +00:15Back through start (the way I should have gone to 1) Some trouble finding the bag in the brush.
3. Trail until stream crossing then straight to it.
4. Over to northern reentrant than along stream.
5. Took a chance
Back past #3, could not cross stream so had to follow it nearly to the trail crossing. Through clearings. Lost another 30 seconds when I could not find the punch. It had broken and the pin piece was about 10ft away.
6. Did not like map
Straight up hill though clearing, past distinct trees to SW tip. No control. No idea if miscopied since control feature is not on my map. Followed clearing edge W until I could see trail and E until I could see lower clearing. Nothing. Back to highest point on trail and came in again. Stumbled across it. Would say it was mismapped except it was not on my map. Think circle was in wrong place.
7. Dropped downhill to trails to the W. Took western one.
8. Did not like map
Dogleg back the way I just came to jct SW of control. Could see this feature was not on map. Cut in and found the unmapped reentrant but no control. From circle figured I should be able to see it from trail so back out and ran along trail. No luck. Back in and followed reentrant NW. Almost missed control hidden in the brush. Think it was N & W of where I circled it.
9. Did not like map
Confused parallel features
Across clearing and in at the finger. Found a reentrant but could not see any ditches so thought it was unmapped and continued on. Found a reentrant and ditch and control #10. Straight back to #9.
10. Just came from here.
11. Bad route choice
Crossed clearing and hit ditch at bend 100m W. Should have taken trail whole way.
12. +00:20Trail then followed stream. Missed the bag on first past but saw it tucked into the green when I knew I had gone to far and looked back.
13. Past start, then along clearing.
F. Clearing

Total Time Lost - 00:16:35

Split Analysis

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