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Race Evaluation

QOC, Manassas: Green


1. To stream/trail intersection then straight at it.
2. Ran too fast
Lacked concentration
Took the woods straight through the felled area and then STUPIDLY overran it into the fields for a good while. Lost about 3 minutes until the brain started working again.
3. Bad map reading
Didn't like the way the east-west trail looked on the ground compared with the map. It looked like the trail was going too far north on the ground. Consequently, went straight through the woods hitting the southern edge of the clearings near number 6 and then had problems finding a good place to cross the water.
4. Bad compass work
Came out one reentrant too far north and had to double back.
5. Did not like map
Well, I made the same mistake as last year. I just don't like the way this clearing looks in winter time. It actually looks a heck of a lot bigger on the ground than on the map. Literally stood in red light mode looking around for about a minute until I saw it.
6. I didn't seem to have the same problem with this as everyone else. Of course, I had heard Jon T. mention that he thought the circle was off before I headed out. Just took a bearing and headed straight up the hill and found it.
7. Took the trails all the way and cut in.
8. +00:10Straight at it. No problems except I had to look for about 10 seconds to see the bag tucked away under the trees. Also had to do a lot of climbing over trees to get to the bag. Fortunately, I had overheard Valerie M. saying before I stated that the control should have been labeled a ditch and not a reentrant, so that helped me, no doubt.
9. To the NW tip of the field and down the reentrant, no problems.
10. Straight at it. Spiked it.
11. Straight at it, no problems.
12. Frustrated
Took the trail to just past the felled area and the cut across the trails and went straight at it. Actually hit exactly where the control was hung about 2:30 minutes ahead of my split time, but couldn't see where it was hung. Consequently took a 360 degree, 2:30 minute tour of the green area with another guy, and then when we got back to the starting spot, we saw another guy just jaunt in and punch exactly where we had been standing 2:30 minutes earlier.
13. Did not follow plan
Took the field and then cut in too early at the last cannon. I made the same mistake last year. You'd think I'd learn. Marek has finally caught me by this control.
F. I was able to beat Marek in, thank goodness.

Total Time Lost - 00:11:05

Split Analysis

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