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Race Evaluation

LAOC Schabarum: Green


1. Bad route choice
Might have been faster to run around through the picnic area and avoiding the climb.
3. Bad route choice
should have limited climb by going down to road instead of staying on horse trail.
5. Bad route choice
Underrated difficulty
Bad compass work
Disturbed by others
Faster route to stay to the south and not climb hill. I was afraid of the green, but Rich Jerrard beat me by going this way. Also thrown off by couple at the control. They intentionally misled me and did it well!
6. Once again could have saved time and climb with the southern route.
7. Way too much bushwhacking here!
9. Disturbed by others
Thrown off again by folks at the control. didn't check the obvious places first, because it looked like they had.
10. Fight but fun crawling down the reentrants.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:00

Split Analysis

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