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Race Evaluation

QOC, Manassas: Green


1. Did not plan ahead
Headed SW/W onto trail but corrected quickly. Cut across the woods & found myself high.
2. Dogleg back to the trail. To field. Couldn't see rootstock on the map because of the weird "T" mapping of rootstock... Found control fine.
3. Fun run down the field. Feet got wet crossing stream at trail.
4. +00:20Hit stream north of control and knew to head south.
5. Almost didn't see the control -- very faded. Punch was broken but both parts were at control.
6. Did not like map
Jon T. had told me about this control, but he was certain it was on a field edge, not a well as the description said. So I ran to the field edge and spent several minutes running along the edges of the fields. Finally went back to the trail and ran along the ridgetop and ran into the control. This control feature was NOT on the map and therefore shouldn't have been used... though it was right at one of the single trees, which could have been used instead.
7. Trail run.
8. Did not like map
Dogleg back to the trail. Another unmapped feature... A very big ditch with lots of junk in it. Found it fairly quickly.
9. Did not like map
Lacked concentration
Another map problem here, as I came right to the unmapped very distinct reentrant between 9 & 10. Found 10 & had a 5 second moral dilemma, but didn't punch. Headed back towards 9, but wasn't very fast about it.
10. Had just been here.
11. Up through the fields. Fun.
12. +01:00Not too thrilled with the hidden placement of the control. The course-setter told me that was the only way to make the course hard enough...
13. Up through the field and then down along the ditches.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:50

Split Analysis

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