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Race Evaluation

WCOC Winter Meeting: Munnisunk Woods


1. started race with snowshoes on and ran down the front lawns of georges neighbors, crossed the road and caught pavlina
2. passed pavlina and turned around to see her face plant, asked her if she was OK and kept going
3. cut over the ridge early and made a new trail
4. up to trail and planned the next few while running trail
5. trail around and in on spur
6. back out to trail and across neat bridge
7. +00:12up to T in trail and over spur, but ended up high and had to turn back to flag (pink ribbons)
8. run along field to dip and down reentrant
9. straight thru to road and stayed on till last possible moment and had to break new trail
10. along road, attempted to cross deep section, back out to road, across deep section using somebodys footsteps, but it does not help when you are wearing snowshoes
11. straight to knoll following ski tracks
12. along road to reentrant and dropped down to stream and with one giant step I made it across the open water, two flags at this control site. i think there is a rule against them being 3 meters apart
F. out to road and removed the SS's, run the road to garage

Total Time Lost - 00:00:12

Split Analysis

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