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Race Evaluation

QOC: Little Bennett: Blue


1. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
After finishing, I hadn't realized I'd done so badly on this leg. After learning that Ted beat me by 2 minutes and tracing my route, I remembered crossing the first ridge too far right. I started to descend then thought I'd better make sure to leave the ridge from somewhere near road bend so I climbed back up a little and went left (SE) until I was nearer it. From there I dropped to cross the stream to the ridge with the control. I passed a runner at the bottom, climbed too far right again then cut left, leading the other runner in.
2. Bad compass work
Cutting through the green I never found the trail. It was probably under the snow. I looked for the best running, and it doing so got too far right. I had to cut left once in the reentrant for about 150m. The control seemed too far away from the building.
3. Out to the road, I started to go straight but corrected going right of the line to get past the green. On the road, I moved out. I was surprised the control was so easy but I guess Dave tried to keep us out of the nasty green.
4. +00:02Straight but I went around on the right side instead of the left.
5. Straight along the power lines and road.
6. I went left down the road thinking that the shorter trail option would be slower or would sap more energy that would be needed later. Passing the Visitor Center start area I saw Greg Lennon and commented that a lot of Blue runners probably went this way. He would neither confirm nor deny. It doesn't seem like many did. At first on this leg, I thought I'd go far left to stay on the road longer and avoid some hill climbing. Past the Visitor center, I decided to cut right after the campground and head to the bridge mostly on trails. All the downhill running was fast and fun. After crossing, I purposely slowed down the effort. I followed the trail most of the way to the road but probably should have cut the corner more. I cut left on the road and right up the trail toward the Tobacco Farm. Following trails to the creek, I quickly crossed the ford and went 100m before cutting right throught the thicket, then up to the knoll.
7. I angled right a little to reduce climb.
8. Bad route choice
Confused parallel features
Leaving, I misread the map and headed into the field. I made a quick u-turn passing the control again. I contoured right a bit to avoid climb crossing the reentrant. This worked okay but when I got into the field I climbed too high and had to descend at least 2 contours to the control.
9. Throught the field to the corner then down the spur. I almost stepped on the sharp broken bottles a few steps into the woods. Hitting the creek I stayed on the right side until the road. I crossed there then continued using the creek as a handrail and a way to avoid climb. Hitting Little Bennett Creek, I couldn't see any bridges on the map but thought there might have been one. Instead of crossing right away I went left. When the banks on the opposite side started steepening too much ahead, I plunged in getting both feet wet. I climbed left of the double ditch and hit the road turning left. I hadn't really seen the trail option to the right along the low lands. Had I noticed it as did Dan Quinn, I probably could have saved some time. As it was, I went to the water stop and had a Gu. I left the road from there cutting on the sides of the big reentrant and around the big spur to descend to the bridge over the stream just N of the control.
10. I didn't drink water at #9 since I had some on the way to #10. Yesterday, I'd set both control 9 and 10. With only 150m between them and open woods I had no real trouble except for the climb. I went just right of the line to avoid downfall.
11. +00:05Up, up to the field where I passed Francis Hogel. I passed right of the campground building and kept straight mostly to the trail junction and control. I stopped briefly thinking it was mine but checking the location and code set me straight again almost. I cut around the green to the right just near the end.
12. Straight. There were several other footprints. I could see the control over 100m out.
13. +00:15I crossed the main park road and instead of going straight, stayed on the campground loop to the last bend. I descended, crossed the ridge and went along the spur down toward the creek. I saw others and cut left too far. Adjusting, I cut right and knew the rock partly because I'd set out the e-punch the previous day.
14. I had set out the e-punch for this control the previous day too so I dropped to the edge of the creek and followed it almost to cross the reentrant and climb up to the control that was visible far away. Ted's route of staying higher was better though when I did a very similar leg in a previous Little Bennett meet, I remembered losing some time by going high.
15. +00:10Going straightish, I crossed the stream on the bridge then walked up the hill to the field. I cut across from the corner then used the ride to get to the ridge road. A straighter route to this point would have been better. I stayed on trails a little too long getting to an attack. I cut a sharp right down the easy to find reentrant and stream junction. It was however farther down than I though it'd be.
16. Bad route choice
I started-off this leg badly, having been pre-inclined to go right of the line up the hill. I thought it'd avoid some green but it was not good. I cut left into the next reentrant, crossed it to the trail, then made another poor direction choice by cutting right to avoid the green. I turned left at the next intersection and followed it to the next reentrant bottom. I left the trail and crossed the stream, then walked through the thicker vegetation to the knoll top. I was a bit left.
17. Bad route choice
I originally started to go straight then saw the trail option to the left. Taking the ridge to the trail was slow. Once on it, it was still slow due to necessary log hopping. I cut right at the vegetation and had to cut left again to cross the creek and get up to the control.
F. I successfully forced myself to keep running up the 3 contour finish slope to the flagpole. I was glad I had the strength since I had been training erratically for a couple of months. I felt overall that the run was pretty good but the park is not difficult and I was dissapointed in the fist few and last few control errors.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:52

Split Analysis

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