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Race Evaluation

Texas: Interscholastics A meet: Blue Day 2


1. Up to the second trail junction, and over the hill from the first bend in theSW-NE trail. A bit of hesitation around the ditches near the control.
2. Overshot the control and hit the final bit of clear before the forest started again. Wnt back throught the green just NW of control to find it.
3. Out to the trail SW of control.
4. Along the trail. Could see control flag from trail.
6. Couldn't make sense of the map around the control, but navigated to the center of the circle and found the control. Not very easy terrain.
7. Did not like map
9. Didn't like the look of the green on the map on the direct route to the control, so took the trail almost back to 3.
15. Went up to the trail, and round to about where it crosses the connecting line. Was looking out for the streamers on the fence but this one didn't have any.
16. Down the creek.
17. Chose the high route. Almost hit the big trail to the East of control.
18. The green just after the creek was pretty runnable.
20. SW to the trail, then along the power line.
21. Back out to the powerline, but it wasn't very fast due to lots of deadfall.
22. Used the trail to the west of the straight line route.
23. Tired
Down the trail to the bottom, and up the re-entrant on the west edge of the map. Pretty slow due to green briars (and tiredness).
24. Thought I was too high, so dropped down just before I found the gully and saw the control above me.
25. Used the small trail, and then followed the creek.
26. Tired
Slow up the last hill.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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