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Race Evaluation

Baldwin Hill: Blue


1. should have taken path to jct - made it harder than had to be - like these woods
2. over knoll to wall jct, spotted helpful, bldr, then st/careful & contours revealed themselves
3. st, hard to cross stream - no wet feet!! - path to filed to small path exiting - overgrown, bridge in disrepair - was L by big bldr
4. st, wall jct made it easy, but then careful reading for next 200m
5. hard climb! - steep, alot of trash - to L of where I expected t be but wall helped sort it out - to jct & in w/ care
6. again a wall to jct, & then to bldr by wall & then careful read- maybe an unmapped rf
7. got to L - hard to see - was on biggish knoll to NE & then w of 2 dot knolls to S - where I was stymied - finally found where I was -
8. much like 13 d ago - crossed dry area between marshes& up over oval knoll but too far R - came upon sig rocks w/ gray overlay & reloc - & then read all - still hard at pt - down tree stuff
9. used both walls, making this alot less ahrd than it could have been - more grn here
10. thot this would be easy - wall/pond but got to L - not making things out - found wall end, reloc, due W into grn, hard to see!! - guressed I was on dot knoll, went SW to rf/bldr - luck - hard control
11. terrible going round marsh - alot more grn - then read & cross another wall w/ reentrant right next
12. the hillside around 12 was scattered conifer, very pretty but w/ no sig vis - making this a bingo control - found a mappable bldr, might have been it - bad choice of feature
13. SE to wall to jct & then careful - still hard at end
14. roughly N - more steep than appears - tricky, esp late
15. +01:30right by water & then west - lg grn patch nonexistent
16. by mistake went to my #9 first, using walls then to #16 but took wind out of leg - 16, more to left would have been harder
17. easy enough down to fld - hard to cross stream - bridge in disrepair - slippery!
F. skedaddle - soccer today, football last time

Total Time Lost - 00:01:30

Split Analysis

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