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Race Evaluation

UNO Club Champs: Green


1. +00:45turned at first L vs second - down path, too close to rd, recovered but not a smooth start...
2. ok, was there b4 years ago, maybe even same pit!!
3. also deja vu - but up into grn, features quickly became hard to distinguish - dist ran out, since i was st, peered & saw
4. +06:00st but again lost contact - was by a bldr, sure it had to be mapped but could not find it - finally bailed W to path, reloc & came bk in but still had trouble except for Terry Magnus? being nr marker
5. +04:30did not learn or could not maintain contact - lost again - reloc by marsh/rf's to NW, again virtually imposs to see but heard conversation...
6. L route to path to jct
7. path to take off pt, managed not to turn ankle, left ankle brace bk at the ranch
8. paths to steep hillside, across reent, then grn closed in but cp was on highest knoll & could see 50m away at top
9. south toward sun, shuld have stayed w/ wall & flat area but climbed & got mixed up - ran beyond but SOD saved me, came bk & spotted
10. st, got to L, then unmapped grn
11. to path & came upon 2 bldrs, very helpful
12. paths
F. skedaddle but couldn't - R ham stiff, dropped map & head band off at car so as not to carry extra wgt to finish....

Total Time Lost - 00:11:15

Split Analysis

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