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Race Evaluation

UNO Club Champs: Red


1. Trail to near the wall. Easy
2. Angled up toward the wall, then ran along hilltop.
3. +05:30Down to the trail, thinking it would be easy. Past the junk cars on the hill and to the little streambed, but then couldn't see the streambed further up the hill, and couldn't see a spur. I was apparently too far NE, and ended up wandering the upper hill back to the junk cars. A real drag. Area didn't look right to me when I finally found it.
4. Thought about going for the bridge, but stream crossing was ok. Slow going up the steep hill on the other side.
5. +04:10Getting bogged down in the slash, headed down to the trail, but then I got confused when I saw the marsh and thought I was further along. A lot of wandering, too short. Still had trouble when I figured out where I was.
6. +01:30Everything was ok until I saw a stone pile and thought maybe it was the mapped stone pile (it wasn't). So I wandered off to a hill to the west first before recovering.
7. +03:00Nasty parallel error. Along hillside 80 M SE, and then found the boulders and depression beyond them, freaking out that there was no control there. Eventually decoded it and slogged over.
8. Thick junk leaving 7. Eventually popped out by all the rocks S of the control area. Easy from there.
9. Straight to 2nd trail, then left on trail and around. Took a longer time than I thought. I guess I was just moving slowly.
10. +00:30N to the trail (took a while in the green), then trail to the bend and across broad re-entrant. A little bobble near the end, but not too bad.
11. Trail around to the bend before the house, then angled up and pretty straight to it.
12. +03:00Straight line, picking up the trail on the ridge, but not finding the place where the trail bends, and then it just looked weird to me. Lots of wandering.
13. A little right of line. Saw where stone wall starts to climb spur, and easy from there.
14. Took a while, checking off trails, walls, etc. In contact all the way. Just slow.
15. Doing fine. Got flummoxed by a rock off to the left for a few seconds, but recovered ok.
16. Easy
F. Easy

Total Time Lost - 00:17:40

Split Analysis

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