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Race Evaluation

ORCA: Minto Brown


1. Went on the right route choice. Missed the trail cutoff at the end of the parking lot. Very badly wanted to cross the planted field to the control, but ran to the power lines first then followed them to #1.
2. Followed the trails the whole way to the control. Did not want to cut the corner on the plowed field.
3. Out to the road and around. Took the trail right after the road bend. Stayed on the main trail to the building.
4. Tried cutting across the orchard. Wasn't so easy because of the blackberries.
5. Went East to the bridge then ran the indistinct trail to the main road. Saw Jill running the wrong way and Paula running the right way. Saw the clearing in the woods.
6. Cut in too early on a too faint trail. Came out and ran farther to the right one.
7. Took the trail all the way.
8. Trail to the power line, power line to the control.
9. N to the bridge then back down on the other side of the water. Took the most direct route on the trails to the control. Was careful in counting junctions.
10. Around the east side of the water. Took the main trail most of the way. Ran around the dark green to the tree.
11. Did not want to cross the plowed field, so ran around it on the west side. Then backtracked through control #1 to the control.
12. Along the dark green to the control.
13. NE on the trail along the river. Cut across the green on the trail just south of the little lake. Trails to the control.
14. Took the trail to the light green. Faint trail across the light green. Said hello to the fishermen who had their tack box open right under the control.
15. Ran in the mud around the water. Crossed the beaver dam thinking that I was not going to get my feet wet. Then immediately met up with a water crossing. Saw the control from across the water.
16. Ran the trail along the tracks. Hesitated thinking that I had missed the turnoff then realized I just had to run to the power lines. Was wimpy entering the control, because I was afraid of the blackberries. Ran all the way around to the back-side looking for an easy way in.
17. Across the parking lot to the trail. Cut over to the cultivated field early thinking the I could easily run along the edge. Wrong! It was plowed right up to the tightly spaced trees. I could either beat through the branches, run on the plowed ground, or go back out to the trail. I chose a combination of trees and field to at least get a little off trail running in.
18. Ran the trail. Saw what I thought was my control, but I was wrong. Kept going and saw the control feature in the distance.
19. Went straight at the control.
20. Again, straight at the control.
F. Sprint for the big finish signs!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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