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Race Evaluation

QOC Oregon Ridge: Blue


1. +00:15No trails on the map which worked to my advantage. I caught the trail and ran it to part way. Cut the corner to the powerline. Lost time when I saw the control but not the holly tree. it was a very small holly tree.
2. Could have run harder but was practicing map reading.
7. Did not check features en route
Ran too fast
Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Lacked concentration
screwed this up pretty bad. I ran over the wrong spur and just kept going thinking I was somewhere else that I also shouldn't have been. Corrected and corrected wrong so was still off.
8. Did not like map
I hit the first huge depression. I did not like how this was mapped. It should have been more than small depression symbol. I didn't see the other depression and thought I was closer to the stream than I was.
9. I took the lower trail figuring that it would go most of the way. It didn't. I climbed past the pond so then I had to navigate more.
10. Did not like map
Lost a lot of time because some cliffs were removed from the map along with the trails. There was a yellow control on a cliff by the trail across the reentrant. I keyed off the only cliff on the map which wasn't the one the control was on so I spent a long time at the wrong area.
11. .
12. +00:20I alwasy get confused on the forest in the field and run up the wrong side. this put me more into the green

Total Time Lost - 00:10:05

Split Analysis

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