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Race Evaluation

CSU Orienteering Superstars: UMass Sprint


1. +00:25I misread the map, thinking I was at control 1 heading to control 2, and so wandered off for ten seconds before correcting.
2. Clean; to the left of the building.
3. Giovanni started a minute back, so I pushed to try to stay ahead of him. Getting to the control required running down a narrow alley; as I was leaving the alley, I saw him on his approach.
4. A little extra oomph to try to stay ahead. I saw Kitty and Tira.
5. Another short alley.
6. It might have been faster to go north of the building; I went around the south. I punched perhaps ten seconds ahead of Giovanni.
7. Frantically trying to stay ahead of Giovanni; I punched maybe five seconds before he did. I took the stairs rather than the longer, more gradual grass to the right.
8. Giovanni passed me just before the control, and I ran out of power in the last twenty meters or so.
9. I saw Sam leaving 8, but I lacked the stamina to rally on the hill climb up to 9. I powerwalked most of it and saw Kseniya, Katia, and Giovanni in the vicinity.
10. I pushed down the hill aggressively and passed Kseniya. Fear of Sam took me, and I was with Katia near the control.
11. Just ahead of Katia. I saw Sam as I was leaving the control.
12. Giovanni was still visible, perhaps a hundred meters ahead.
13. Across a spectator-friendly grassy court and up some stairs. Katia was about ten meters behind me, and Sam another twenty or so.
14. The map didn't indicate a breezeway on the straight line, but there turned out to be one, which I took. Just ahead of Katia.
15. Sam pulled up even with me, so I put on some speed to try to break away. I punched ahead of her, but I couldn't shake her.
16. I crashed on this leg; Sam and Katia both cruised past me.
17. Really struggling. Sam and Katia ahead, but I lacked the strength to catch them.
19. I could see my quarry (now including Charlie DeWeese) ahead of me on this long, straight leg, but I had nothing left. I picked up a little speed relative to 17 and 18, but not enough. I did get to see where the flag was due to the trio ahead of me.
F. Around the south of the building. Well back of Sam, Katia, and Charlie.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:25

Split Analysis

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