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Race Evaluation

WCOC Sessions Woods: Red


1. Around on trail to the right
2. S on trail to intermittent trail from corner. Couldn't find it and ended up crashing down through laurel; on trail to NW of control, then uphill through laurel
3. out to trail and around
4. +03:00on big trail around to the left, cut the corner by the little pond, R on trail to trail on left, R fork, follow to stone wall after bend. Saw Rick there headed from 5-6. Up reentrant, but drifted too high and right, eventually wandered down to a control at a large boulder 150m east of my control, then recovered
5. +02:00Pretty straight. What a little cliff, I went by it, and then down around to the left to the big cliff, had to come back up
6. Straight line to little reentrant N of green patch, around green to wall and along that to control
7. Straight, reading green patches and earlier veg boundary on the way. Could see veg boundary from a distance
8. Straight. Could see the wall from the stream
9. +00:10Lost about 10 seconds fooling with my watch, which had caught on a branch and registered a punch. along wall W to the trail, up trail until I saw reentrant and in
10. Used walls as a guide, could see the large knoll from a distance
11. Straight. Saw Sue Worthington leaving
12. +00:30Got a little confused on the trail, thought I was further than I was; also had to stop and tie my shoe. Therefore passes Sue W twice on this leg
13. Straight; hit the trail near the wall to the N and corrected
14. Crossed stream and saw the sprint control in the reentrant, up to the manmade object, took the small trail for 100 m then straight in.
15. A little right of line, caught edge of clearing with electric fence, took the small trail down to the field.
F. Went E to the trail and in; maybe faster to go N to the other trail.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:40

Split Analysis

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