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Race Evaluation

WCOC Sessions Woods: Red


1. around on road
2. across open, down big spur, cross stream at road, straight up through green - hit hilltop at ne side of circle and in
3. +00:12thought i was straight, but hit stream at bend - looked L to see flag
4. e of pond along base of slope, cross stream @ road follow broad terrace above stream R of hill, cross trail, up reentrant (soggy underfoot), spiked wall and in
5. +00:15left of line, slow in blueberry
6. straight, reading features
7. up re-entrant, then off hemlock groves
8. +00:10vague in here, a little L, but quick correction @ ruined wall
9. straight, trail probably faster than green uphill
10. straight
11. straight
12. +00:07pretty straight, between index contour saddle, rt of laurel hit tip of laurel going over, corrected L
13. +00:25straight, but drifted R picking line in blueberry, hit wall before trail, quick correction but should not have gone that far offline
14. rt of line, cross marsh on logging road, follow road/trail to larger trail then cut across
15. +00:10L to avoid green, fast downhill almost slammed into electric fence - didn't see fence, but saw insulators with about 6 feet to stop - around enclosure, clean from there
F. E to road then in. Concentrated on reading ahead and pre-planning whole leg rather than speed - paid off with few errors and good time

Total Time Lost - 00:01:19

Split Analysis

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