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Race Evaluation

OCIN New Year's O' Fest: Red


1. Did not like map
The path up from the bottom, attacking #1 from the north, is only generally located.
4. Found a mowed path through the thistles near the road. Ran under the billboard to get to it.
5. Read map too late
While going through the recently cleared cemetary, realized late that it was cleared all the way to the path to the north. The distinct trees in the field were excellent for holding a straight course through the tall weeds.
6. Nasty, nasty, nasty. Once I hit the trail I could finally straighten out my spine.
7. I liked my route choice here.
8. Treated it as a dog-leg. Upon leaving I saw there were four others in hot pursuit of me!
9. Bad distance judgement
The long trail up from the north had some bends that weren't exact. Had to walk a bit to check other features like contours to see where I was along it.
10. Read map too late
Realized late that the woods over to the path leading to the pond were wide open. Saw Pat M. upon leaving the big field. I think he was on his way to #2.
11. Changed my plan enroute. Originally planned to go to the trail by #1 and follow it north. Woods were open enough to nix the poorly mapped trail route and key off the reentrant tops, first heading NW and then North. I hit the hillside far east of where I thought I would.
12. Bad map reading
Bad distance judgement
Lacked concentration
Planning out the last few controls while running caused me to lose track of where I was along the long path. Lost about 15s there.
13. Dove in after the mapped dark green and paralleled the creek. At one point I found a small deer trail to ease the way.
15. Did not like map
That trail just wasn't visible if it was there at all.
16. The tents were large and initially caused me to think one of them was the building. Upon descending the shallow reentrant I then saw the building outline through the trees.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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