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Race Evaluation

Farrel-McWhirter Park - WIOL race 7: Course 4


3. Basically, a hard top road race at 7 min/mile pace. Tomas, lost the race here by running "off" the map.
6. This control was missed placed, albeit by just a few metres. However, the control although hung very low to the ground was visible from the East-West trail. Those who cut in early from the North-South trail north of the trail junction did not fair as well.
7. This is where Eric lost the race. Eric "bushwhacked" and I ran the trail around. The marker again was visible from the trail. Thanks Eric.
8. This was the best control on the course.
10. I had help on this control. Someone was leaving as I approached.
11. Same as #10
12. same as #10
13. Interesting route choice. I believe the cross-country route was the best, rather than the inviting road and trail option.
16. Another interesting route choice. I believe the cross-country route was the best choice, taking one back through #8, through the farm and onto the service road which lead to the control. We debated after the meet as to whether the road was out of bounds. Those who took the road definitely had a small advantage.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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