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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: 27th Annual


1. Took the left fork out of the gate will a small group, up through the 2nd clearing, E, up to avoid "pond (trail).follow trail on other side, then reentrant to control
2. N of ponds with a bunch, then go straight to control while they go off to the right. slow climbing, punch in with Lynn Walker.
3. straight NNW then E to come up reentrant N of the green.
4. take the trail (PG's route), which was slower, but easier on me.
6. punch in with a whole crowd here
7. Run down the nose, trip, get first cramp, Through green reentrant, follow N side of pond -- seems too big, so when I reach the end I cut s with the intent of running s until the control area. Great plan, but I lost confidence when I ran into Tony F. (also was a little foozled by the map scale). Emerged at a big trail by a huge cliff (just w of the line) and didn't figure out where I was, -- ran trail to stone wall, figured it out, but still managed to wander to control.
8. SSE to contour around. Many unmapped rock features. Pick up Lynn again.
9. skip with Lynn
10. She goes up 2 reentrants too soon, I keep going on the trail and go up one reentrant early (with field), but not bad except the climb hurts. Minor cramping. Meet Lynn & lead her to control.
11. With Lynn. Run into VB who was looking for her compass.
12. Lynn leaves control (to E?) while I rest, then push N, through saddle. Lynn rejoins. I lose her just before the trail.
13. Should have taken in more fluids and fuel here, and rested more than 5 minutes. Boy would I pay later
15. NNE out of control up through little pass. As I started down, got major cramps in inner thighs. Lay down for 10 minutes. When I continued, I missed the trail, ended up at stream junction, which was OK. Contoured around to control.
16. Up through reentrant, then follow trail to stream crossing then follow bearing. Fight through mountain laurel to top of a small reentrant. No control. Rest. While resting, notice control in next reentrant higher up.
17. Rested a couple of times on the way.
18. Easy -- swoop around to W, then N.
19. Straight to trail jct, then come around S side of hilltop.
20. Really can't afford stumbles, so follow trail around. Just before the reentrant, I need to stop for a few minutes. Then need to stop in the reentrant.
21. Where's the field?
F. Where's the field? We don't need no steenking field. Straight to end. Last finisher. I definitely need to figure out how to avoid cramps on these long events.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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