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Race Evaluation

CSU Franklin Park: Sprint


1. Disturbed by others
number is avg hr for leg 116 - had to wait for traffic before crossing road
2. Hesitated
162 - over hill to trail along green, straight down - # on control did not match control description - hesitated before punching
3. Hesitated
160 - slowed down approaching woods because veg boundary along road looked like cliff at running speed, saw that there was no cliff and picked up pace but drifted a bit right in process
4. 163 - s of cliff, then straight in
5. Bad map reading
159 - left of line for unknown reason, saw green and corrected
6. Bad route choice
164 - saw green on map, headed left for white woods & trail, once committed to hill saw that green wasn't a barrier - so even though route was clean, it cost me distance & time over straight line
7. 164 - trails, then cross stream & up about 100m out
8. Hesitated
163 - pulled up a bit short at boulder by trail junction, but saw trails and quickly corrected
9. +00:10162 - straight on line, but hill seemed to keep going up - felt slow - should have run it harder
10. Bad map reading
158 - not sure what I did here, but ended up at trail jct 80m N - quick correction - catch Marek? at control, chase him rest of way
11. Bad map reading
160 -pretty straight for 2/3, then saw a large boulder ahead at correct distance and kicked in overdrive - didn't notice my boulder was behind hill and I was sprinting to one 60m N until I jumped wall onto road and had my epiphany. Look R to see Marek punching
12. 161 - straight over hill in chase
F. Hesitated
166 - punched and saw two more boxes on my map - frantically searched my map for control 13 before realizing they were unused boxes and finish was in sight - sprint downhill 2nd place, 5 sec behind Jonathan Campbell and 24 seconds faster than JJ - good hard run with a few minor bobbles & hesitations

Total Time Lost - 00:01:48

Split Analysis

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