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Race Evaluation

BAOC: Joe Grant: Blue


1. Did not follow plan
Disturbed by others
Argh. The first reentrant seemed to have some water, but I should have known to go to the next one anyway.
3. Left side of hill.
4. +00:15Went slightly too high on the spur.
5. Up to the path.
7. Lacked confidence
Hesitated when leaving the last clearing.
8. Disturbed by others
Avoided some contouring by going high through the saddle. Looked stupidly at my map for 30 seconds when by the big rock to the West, although I was disturbed by a huge black wild pig at that point.
9. +00:15More contouring mania. Went too low in one of the reentrant crossings and had to climb back up.
10. Went high to avoid contouring. May not have been the fastest choice.
11. Did not like map
Ugh. Barely passed below - confused by white vs. single tree. The run to 11 was the most amazing leg I've ever run though. As you come over the hill, you run through a myriad of purple and orange flowers. The plants were tall enough that every step was soft, but not tall enough to significantly impede my progress.
12. Lacked confidence
Climb climb climb. Stopped a bit short, then suddenly saw it uphill.
13. Up to the road, ran on trail below road (in order to avoid 2 fence crossings.) Left road and found gully easily.
14. Ugh. More contouring.
15. +00:05Tried crawling under fence but discovered there was another barbed wire hidden by vegetation. Tore open my pinky knuckle.
F. Went through the parking lot for a while since the field was pretty slow to run through. (Water + tall grass.)

Total Time Lost - 00:03:20

Split Analysis

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