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Race Evaluation

QOC: Patuxent River park: Blue


1. Stood above the piles of garbage for a while before looking down at the bag.
2. On line to trail junction, then in.
3. Same as Ted and Tim. Yes, that uphill trail was pretty strong.
4. Trail to near end of green, then due N. Climbed the ridge just left of control.
5. high to trail.
6. Started out up the ditch instead of the correct direction.
9. Stayed low, then wrapped around after trail and ditch crossing.
10. Mostly on line, ran on the sidehill but the flag was below me.
11. Thought this was in the wrong reentrant, but on my way to 12 skirting the swamp I saw the bottom of the other reentrant and decided it was fine after all.
12. Ouch. First 2/3 were fine, then I went into the woods and missed the first trail crossing, drifted high and missed the re-entrant in the washed-out top end. If I had had a pace going from the road I would have stopped there, but for some reason I didn't. Finally it "felt" too far, and I turned uphill and bounced off the horse trail. Cost me 2.5 mins.
15. Attacked off the unmapped Nadim.
16. straight. In from little crook in trail.
18. Right to trail in marsh, then back door. Looks like this conservative route cost me. I waiverd and waivered while looking at it on the trail to 17.
19. out along the ride, then stuck in swamp so climbed up and over. Saw the bridge down below just as I crested the top. Doh!
F. I think I did the same thing as Ted.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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