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Race Evaluation

SLOC: Great Forest Park: Blue


2. Took first right on trail for 10m before catching myself. Trail all the way around.
3. A bit left of line.
4. Trail
5. Straight down to road. Up road. Climb trail and attack from bend heading east. Miss. Go down to lower trail. Find small cliff then dry ditch. Up dry ditch to small gully. Up small gully. Up some more and miss. Hit high trail. Out to intersection to west to relocate. East to trail wiggles. In to marsh then bag.
6. Back sore from crouching and crawling to 5. Drift a bit left but no problems.
7. To top of southeast depression then over spur to dry ditch. But no dry ditch. Just two big gullies. Go back because I think I missed it. Go back to gullies and find C.
8. Field to trail.
9. Down road a bit then over and up.
10. To ditch/old trail.
11. Came out in wrong direction and landed on wrong trail -- big trail heading east. Figure it out and reattack.
F. No umph in legs for finish. Nav a bit sloppy. Really neat little map. I really liked it and had fun! Except for 5 & 7. :-)

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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