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Race Evaluation

UNO College Woods: Red


1. Never seen that control description before. But the location is clear, so just go to the circle.
2. Here's where I really started to regret using the compass I got in Hawaii. I thought I had left my O-compass at the Franklin Park meet. This one took a few seconds to settle. Plan - blast S. I drifted E. and ended up at the buildings, disorienting me a bit. Straight after bridge.
3. A little bobble due to straying to the right and hitting the trail.
4. Strayed to the left this time.
5. Chose to go left around the little hill, shoulda gone right, avoiding green.
6. Straight.
7. Strayed a bit to the left, hitting similar-looking features to the SE, costing some time.
9. Chose to take trails as far as I could.
11. Thinking was a bit fuzzy. I selected to follow stone wall until next trail then blast east, but instead I blasted E after the ridge, got confused when I hit the trail (thought it was the one with the control). Had to slog up and over from the wrong tree trunk .
12. pretty much straight. found some nice running on unmapped trails
13. Big bobble. Strayed way left and looked for control in wrong place.
15. trails
16. Thought there was a chance of using the stone wall. But too thick. Took little trail W until saw cliffs to N and headed in.
18. Misread contours near control location and drifted too low, looking for a marked reentrant. Overshot, heard Alar up high, looked, saw control.
19. Actually punched in with Alar at this one.
20. Unusually for me, I was able to keep up a good enough pace that I had Alar in sight for a couple of minutes.
21. To stone wall junction, then into thick stuff (seeing jj pause behind me and not follow), finding a little trail just beyond. Emerge to find JJ with Jon Hansman hot on his heels. Punch in right after them.
F. This time, was not able to catch up, jogged in. No cramps, still felt good. Yay.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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