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Race Evaluation

CSU Mystic River: Advanced


1. Bad map reading
Thought I was going the wrong way, turned around, then realized I really wasn't going the wrong way.
2. Went through the police parking lot, but not through a gate that said "authorized personnel only", so I think it was ok.
3. Straight and along the highway
4. Counterclockwise around the lake. I think it was slightly faster (maybe 30s).
5. Followed Adam off the trail, but knew where I was when he got lost, so I made up some time on him.
6. Bad map reading
Beat Adam out of the control, but he quickly passed me. While I was taunting him, I failed to read my map and was temporarily disoriented.
9. Bad route choice
I decided to go around the stream rather than through it. JJ went through and said it was fine, so that would have been faster.
14. Wasn't quite sure what the feature was until I saw it. At this point legs were really starting to get tired.
15. Straight.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:55

Split Analysis

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