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Race Evaluation

West Point Day 2: Green Y


1. +00:45Along the trail to where it starts to drop down fast, then up to the top across the next long knoll, and halfway across the next one to the slot on top, then on compass, across the reentrant to the flat area, when I see a flag on a rock and sprint for it. Oh no! #216. Dmitry Kourchikov comes in and punches, then looks at his map. Anyway, figure I must need the other rock down the hill, so go down and find it.
2. Slow getting up to the top, but once I start down the other side I can see the shape of the cliffs above my cliff, and spike it
3. +00:45Angle down through some rough footing to the trail. There's a crowd way off in front, including Rich Nietupski. Follow the trail to the reentrant and watch Brad Whitmore streak in and punch, but the flag there doesn't look like it's on a rock, so go up to the rock above, which obviously doesn't have a flag and isn't mapped. Back down and punch
4. +03:00Had a tough time holding a line. Kept crossing streams, or maybe the same stream lots of times. Kept being surprised at what direction I was going when I looked at my compass. Eventually got on the right path and angled up the hill from just before the big rocks by the stream. Felt like I was in pretty good contact, but got sucked off to the right by the reentrant that had the blue control, then popped over the knob to the marsh. Lost most of my time in the first 300 meters.
5. +00:30Up over the saddle along the line to the marsh, above the low cliffs, and below the ones on the line. Got into the reentrant and didn't see a rock, so angled up to the big rocky knoll a ways, until I was far enough in that I could look down and see the control. Passed Ed Kotowski along the way
6. +00:15Pretty straight, and doing ok. Stopped on pace count and saw the flag 30 m off to my left
7. +02:00Wandered too far east and got confused in the marshy areas. Finally got untracked across the power line and headed for the stone wall. Pretty relieved when I came on it. Tried to stay on compass line, but drifted a little low to lower cliffs, and had to climb up again
8. Trying to go straight I got a little left and hit the big trail. Came in from the boulders on the left around the big bare rock knoll and spike.
9. +03:00Yikes! Got a little right and mistook the stream bend for the one further along and left. Then finally got to the trail on the yellowish spur and knew where I was. Followed the trail N to the knoll, but then didn't go far enough east for a while. Eventually realized I had to get closer to the foot of the mountain, but pretty tentative.
10. Out to the trail and slogged up it. I was tired! Would have done better I think on the side hill. Anyway, easy to find the boulder
11. Downhill and short, took off on a dead run. Hit the trail just before, then up the knoll and in.
F. +00:05Built up a pretty good head of steam going down the trail to the finish, then forgot I was e-punching. Punched my watch and then started walking off until I realized people were yelling at me. What a dope! Generally pretty good run, despite the mistakes. At least no really big ones.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:20

Split Analysis

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