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Race Evaluation

WCOC/HVO Winter Series 2020: Medium WS#4


1. Uphill to junction, a bit trashy here, then smaller trail to small cliff on left then bearing up the hill. Saw marker about 20m out
2. Clean woods so straight over top of hill, then picked up trail down to wall, L on trail along wall bearing off R at trail/wall crossing point. Trail felt faster, but perhaps could have shaved some going direct - the woods were clean enough..
3. +00:10Not sure why now, but I pulled up at the top of the sharp reentrant, took a hard look at my map and said 'oh, down there'... so a brief brain fart in the circle
4. +01:15Mostly straight, somewhat trashy underoot, staying on trail may have been more expedient. Then failed to read the full clue and climbed up on the spur, checking various trees all the way up to the trail. Then realized control was at lower foot, just about where I climbed up the spur from. Had there been a flag rather than sign on other side of tree I would have nailed it...
5. Left of line to start, picked up trail on upper part of slope, trail to end of wall, then off to the N with sign visible about 15m out - but wall was very visible too..
6. pretty much straight on bearing
7. downslope staying N of wall. then trails to road - opted to go straight up the slope rather than slip N to the trail. Logging slash underfoot to start, but not bad, up the slope aiming off to the N, spotted big series of cliffs beyond reentrant and corrected to S before hitting the trail, spotted cliffs and right in. May have been better to go more directly toward the control, but I chose to aim off, and aim off I did...
8. +03:00Mostly on bearing reading map but not looking at clue. Looking for boulder in the gap between first and second laurel patch. Found one in the gap but no marker. A little wandering then realized I was looking for spur rather than boulder. And it appears the small laurel patch is not mapped as the boulder I initially went to is likely the one at the head of the trickle. Anyway, once I realized I was looking for the spur, it was pretty obvious, but I really wouldn't call it a boulder, maybe a minimal bare rock spur, but certainly not the visual I had in my head when starting out.
9. +00:20More or less straight, dodging a rambunctious barking dog on the road, got hung up picking through rocky stuff and could have swung further south than I did to have better running
10. +00:10Pretty much straight, though I headed towards the two boulders on the NE part of circle once I saw them past the larger boulders, then noticed my boulder should be on a small hill and corrected to my R
11. This sucked. Tried to pick the cleanest climb up the rocky slope, but it certainly wasn't a fast route. Once on top it was easy to pop into second reentrant and down to the cliff.
12. +00:10Climbed up to the MtB trails rather than play sidehill, trails to the spur, then straight down and then up the other side. No issues other than spotting and heading toward a sub-1m boulder before spying the larger and more logical choice off to my L in a bit of laurel.
13. Straight, no problem
14. +00:05Again straight, though on first glance up the slope I saw the boulder in the SW part of circle and was making for that before spotting the logical choice to the R of that.
F. +00:15And down the hill, wasting a bit of time picking a dryish route through the marsh rather than just charging through and soaking the feet, which I had managed to keep dry up to this point.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:25

Split Analysis

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