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Race Evaluation

QOC Pohick Bay: Green


1. hesitant with the map and being cautious with my knee.
2. +03:45Left #1 poorly. Using visual clues instead of my compass, I went up the wrong reentrant. The correction involved extra climb and threading my way through some nasty deadfall.
3. Feeling slow but just down the reentrant, crossing to the right before the major side reentrant, then staying high enough to drop into the flatish area leading to the control.
4. +00:45epunch came off when the lanyard got stuck on a tree branch.
5. Up, then through the green, using the shallow reentrant for a bit. I used the campground roads, then the field and followed the reentrant all the way down to the control.
6. Running sidhill, and using the trail for a little while. I went through what was mapped as green fight but it was easy. After crossing the road, I dropped back into the woods right on target.
7. To the left to use the trail, then up the parking lot. I saw Keg Good near the intersection where I turned left. I left the road from the top of the hill.
8. +01:00Out to the south edge of the map, I used the dirt construction for what looks it will soon be a paved trail. Once past the park entrance, angled into the woods; my original plan had been to keep going forward but sort of made a mistake. It kept me on a straighter line so it wasn't bad. I lost further time understanding what I'd done. I crossed the trail not seeing it and then weaving through unmapped deadfall. I popped onto a maintenance road and saw Keg Good just behind me. I figured she was on the same leg--her route must have been better or I think I would have caught her sooner. I jumped back into the woods when I realized roughly where I was--too far right. Finally I dropped into the big long reentrant and ran down it smothly. I was worried a bit about going down too hard and further damaging my knee. I passed Mason and his dad near the bottom. I climbed with some angle but not enough. I could see the small building at the top and knew I needed to get over more but a tree was in my way. I climbed a bit too high but corrected into the control easily.
9. Straight over the ridge and down the reentrant. I passed between the spurs and crossed the stream, then found myself lower than I wanted when crossing the road-like trail just above the curve. I cut across and spiked the control from there. The contours on the map in this area are not very good.
10. I jogged going up when it was flat enough but otherwise found myself walking a bunch. I did run once at the top.
F. With the trail blocked by a few trees and the park planting trees on it, I suppose this trail should now be marked intermitant. I ran somewhat poorly on it, passing a few others.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:30

Split Analysis

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