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Race Evaluation

DVOA: White Clay Creek: Red


1. +03:00Took 30s just to find the course on my map, it was so lightly printed. Thought from meet notes we were not allowed by buildings next to the private property so stayed well west of the straight line. Headed for the mapped gap in the wall of thorns. There was no gap. Ran back and forth along the green seeking a passage and looking longingly at the open area by the buildings. Finally fought my way through at the thin part. Climbed the uncrossable fence, through more thorns to the field. Into the woods and more thorns. No problem with control, crossed stream and ran up reentrant. After I finished, I saw all the later starters run through the buildings and miss the thorns.
2. Started high but ended up dropping down and coming up from near the stream jct. It was cold earlier but warmed up quickly. Wished I had not worn my hat.
3. Indistinct trail then headed for the field corner. Ran edge of field but had trouble finding a place to cut back to woods. Approached control from E. Someone said it was mishung in ditch to E. I did not notice.
4. Out spur, cross creek near trail, contour and up the reentrant from below. Very bad running in light green.
5. Up high to W to clear the green I just came up. Crossed stream and contoured staying below the green.
6. WNW to trail, then took the road. Cut up just past the pumping station. Had not seen meet note about top of cliff but I was looking up there anyway.
7. Tired
Back down to road. Road to trail just before the main road. Pretty slow running back up the hill. Cut in just before the tree stand.
8. Bad route choice
Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Straight thru woods but drifted S and hit trail at the loop. Should have just taken small trail. Once here I should have gone in from clearing but instead followed original plan, N to jct then trail and cut corner when I saw the building.
9. Through clearings. Learned my lesson on #1 and took the yellow strip by the private property. E side of pond
10. Trail, clearing, trail, clearing.
F. No finish circle on map so ran to start. No one watching for finishers.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:00

Split Analysis

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