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Race Evaluation

West Point Day 2: Blue


1. Today I was going to compete. Started off down the trail but still couldn't find the start triangle. I was worried about my footing so couldn't really look at the map. Ran down to the saddle and decided to swing to the left and follow the hill side. Kept a careful pace count and and eye on the shape of the hill top. Dropped down to the control.
2. Contoured around the hill and when the hill top ended dropped down to the control.
3. Straight over hill to rocky line and down line to the control.
4. Straight line to the bog, skirt the marsh to marsh end and then up to control. I was a little hesitant approaching the control.
5. +02:00Straight. Saw the trail blazes but didn't see the trail. Crossed the major stream just past trail then swung south to cross the other stream. Ran up low along the stream. Cut up hill at small stream just past major rock. Got a little to far left and floundered a bit. Just kept going higher and higher and pit the pond/marsh. Cut over to the control.
6. Left route around both swamps.
7. +02:00Contoured left and cut through the saddle then angled over to the control. Unfortunately I didn't angle enough and ended up to far right. Saw a control on a boulder and ran to it. It wasn't mine. Gingerly went boulder hopping until I found the control. Hoping that I wouldn't lead anyone else into it but apparently Eddie caught me leaving the control.
8. Contoured around but didn't drop down enough. Ended up on small hill east of control and had to drop down.
9. Took the left route. Followed the stream up the marsh. Eddie passes me. At the final marsh I end up going smack through the middle and it is deep. Eddie goes right around and saves huge amounts of time. By the time I get out of the marsh Eddie all gone. Attack from the long hill 200 north of the control
10. Angle down to the trail. Trail to water. Stop for water. See Edie climbing right up the steepest part of the hill and laugh. This is my chance to catch back up as he isn't taking the optimium route. Finish my water and start off. I am going to go around the hill to the right. Start climbing the side of the hill and realize I am exactly where I saw Edie. So much for catching Edie. Up the reentrant, around the cliff and into the control. Hesitant on my final approach.
11. See Alan Young. I misread the map and start off slightly right and end up having to drop down to the control. Could see control from far away. Alan beats me to the control.
12. Up the hill around the cliff, No reentrant but there is a control.
13. The running is nice so initially I plan to straight line it but when I get to the first road hump decide to just take the road. Alan still behind me. Take road almost to send road hump and angle to control. Can;t miss 8 meter cliff.
14. Straight. Attacked from clearing with the control in it.
15. Straight. reading cliffs as I go.
16. Took the first small trail all the way around.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:00

Split Analysis

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