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Race Evaluation

West Point Day 2: Green Y


1. Along trail to saddle where trail drops to R. Head along 2nd hillside then work up and along top. See Deb H, started 1' before me, down on the L side of ridge. Continue to 3rd hill, see reentrant dropping down and people vectoring in/out where control should be. Drop straight in.
2. Back up, thru col, down around cliffs and in.
3. Drop down and hit old woods road. See distinct trail on map and follow straight along to 2nd part of wall and can see bag.
4. Up to trail to R, cross stream, follow trail just beyond sharp bend, work way thru cliffs, below cliff, across little stram, up between cliffs, over spur into marsh and bag just after Craig W.
5. head thru saddle, see Don Davis coming the other way, giving me a friendly gesture;-} around marsh, below cliffs, then up around nose below cliffs following Miki. Continue around across rocky grd to bag.
6. Up reentrant, over spur checking off rocks, down to rock. Sorry Joan Roos about call about wrong rock control on Brown.
7. Down to ride/trail around to L of Marsh. Plan to take trail but woods looked good so cut corner and go below wall then up to contour to little trail, around bend and can see bag.
8. Plan to take road. Head off too fast and hit yellow above road, down road to rocks on L and unmapped rock on R, cut in down reentrant to bag.
9. Bit confused leaving here as cup symbol blocked map. Head bit L, hit trail, then road, over spur to little stream, along to big stream looking for crossing point. Finally go at big rock, go along faint marsh, R around hill, then around thick stuff to knoll.
10. Out to road, across marsh on logs into marshy road. Fight way along to open woods to bag.
11. Trail to hill.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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