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Race Evaluation

West Point Day 2: Blue


2. +00:20Hesitant coming into area - saw red control to my right on the way in but realized it shouldn't be mine... Or should it?
3. Hesitated too high above control - should have been easy!
4. First instinct to go to marsh was wrong - stayed above on the trail instead. Seemed a bit odd in the circle but the code said 212 so I punched in...
5. +00:30Lost myself on final approach - couldn't stay in full contact as the terrain seemed a little more uneven than the map suggested - maybe a bit faster to go right on the trail and straight up? Relocated in under 30 seconds anyhow
6. +00:20Went to the right of the hill but ended up too close to the field - some wasted climb. Missed a little in the circle
7. +00:15Your classic "bag in the woods" location. Went to the right around the spur but was really insecure about my approach - hesitant but didn't miss too much
8. To the right (downhill) to take advantage of easier running
9. +01:20Meant to go to the left of the big hill, but lost my position crossing the yellow zone and relocated just below the stone wall. From there is was better to go right; came over the saddle, saw the red control - not mine - but know mine had to be a but further downhill and left.
10. +00:30Mis-read the stone wall as part of the trail, so went down the hill too early; should have taken a more eficient line across the face of the hill. Walked uphill to the right of the yellow path - whew! Seemed like some extra cliffs before the ones with the control - a bit unsure.
11. Straight'n'easy
12. Tough uphill - heard Mihai was somewhere close ahead from other runner's comments as I passed by
13. Puching harder to catch Mihai - directly down to road and then blast up to control once spotted from road; punched in just ahead of Mihai who inexplicably went high on this leg - a strange route choice???
14. +00:05Easy but hesitated slightly in the circle
15. +00:20Drifted way right and somehow never saw either water stop (nor even really identified the major trail they were supposed to be on - could I have really drifted so far right???). Found myself on the marsh/stream junctions and stopped short on a boulder below the control; eventually regained calm and moved on to the correct boulder
16. +00:20Bad route - went vaguely out to the trail in the marsh with Mihai in tow - big mistake as it was very wet (reminiscent of Flying Pig short distance finish)

Total Time Lost - 00:04:00

Split Analysis

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