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Race Evaluation

QOC Little Bennett: Day Green


1. Bad map reading
Easy run down hill. I was aiming off looking for trail then wanted to go left on that trail and then right at trail junction. Never saw the first trail probably because is was covered with leaves. Then hesitated and found the control by the man made object, what looked like a 1957 Chevy Belair.
2. Bad distance judgement
Found the trail I was looking for before and ran along that for short distance but not as far as I wanted. I crossed the stream too early then had to go thru some light green and up a hill. Found the control but the reentrant seemed deeper than mapped.
3. Bad route choice
Ran up to the meadow then along the edge of meadow. Plan was to shoot right off the corner of meadow than a little left. Went too far left and had to go back right.
4. Ran right to this one looking for rootstock.
5. Straight down hill to main trail and to the bridge with the control.
6. Over the bridge and along a main trail. Sharp right on trail then quick left on a small trail. Up the trail, then left on a game trail. Down to the control at the end of stream.
7. Bad distance judgement
I was expecting this control to be slightly south of 6. Jumped across a couple of streams and up on trail. As I went south I thought I went too far so turned around then climbed up to get on same level as the control. Then knew I was off the other direction so worked back south and found the light green area. Control just on other side of that as mapped.
8. Down to the trail and ran on trail to junction with control.
9. Bad map reading
Continued on trail to meadow, left off meadow then too far down. Back up alongside the very narrow and deep reentrant to the control.
10. Lacked confidence
Went straight SE over a few ditches as mapped along hillside to the control. Should of run faster here but was tired and hard to run along hill side
11. Underrated difficulty
Bad map reading
Meant to go south but continued SE. Knew I was way off when I saw the meadow to the north. Backtracked and saw the ditch split that I was looking for. Followed the south branch up to the control.
12. SE again to the trail then fast run passing a young kid on the trail downhill. I'm good at running downhill! Had top split on this leg.
13. Bad distance judgement
Out to the main trail then backtrack a little to trail up the hill. Plan was to shoot left off the trail to the stream and follow it to the control. I was running along the stream for what seemed to be too far so turned around. Went all the way back up to start of the stream. Realized I did not run far enough first so back down again. The control was behind a big rootstock.
14. Tired
Up to get on the level of next control and right to control. Was a little slow because getting tired.
15. Bad map reading
NW to a trail. Straight off end of trail and down thru light green. Had to stop and tie shoe - lost 45 seconds there. Then got stuck in briars going up to the control.
16. Bad map reading
Plan to run north following stream. Came to some ditches that did not seem to be mapped but upon closer study later were mixed in with a bunch of boulders and slash. If I would have continued north from there I would have been fine but instead went left to work around what I thought was the light green on the map. That ended up being nasty thick green so had to turn around and then tracked north like I should have and found the ditch with control off to right.
F. Straight up hill to meadow with finishing control on a stick at corner of meadow. It was a little different having finishing control away from the start area.

Total Time Lost - 00:16:00

Split Analysis

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