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Race Evaluation

West Point Day 1: Brown


1. Ick!!! Thought I was going straight, but I drifted high and made a bunch of stuff up high match what was on the map. Eventually made it to the saddle on the way to #2 to relocate. Started at the same time as Michael Commons (goofy start setup) and he beat me on this leg.
2. Road bend, then across stream to the cliffs and attacked from there through the laurel.
3. Got out to road, found a trail and took it, but it disappeared. It may have been the trail to the east. Followed the water until a trail crossed it. Then read through the cliffs until it was time to climb the spur.
4. Contoured through the cliffs into the reentrant and down. Was with Judy Dickenson on this leg.
5. Went around to the left. Took forever to get over the hill to the left, probably too careful picking my way over the hill instead of just going over it. Found the slanting cliff and followed it back up. Then to the cliff I wanted to attack from. Then I missed the end of that cliff and followed the next cliff into a parallel reentrant to the NW. Saw the rocks below me and figured it out.
6. Downhill to the road, then along the stream. Had Betsy Hawes and Logan Rodgers just in front.
F. Parallel the lake and find the clearing.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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