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Race Evaluation

West Point day 2: Brown


1. Over the hill and into the reentrant. Logan Rodgers started two minutes ahead and was still standing there planning hs route when I arrived.
2. Took the trail to the first switchback. Straight from there through the rocks.
3. Over to the stream and across the bridge. Then across the second stream. Stony ground was distinct and a decent attackpoint to know where I was starting up the hill.
4. A little around to the left, then under the big cliff and up.
5. Contoured into the broad reentrant. From there, the small cliff was visible.
6. Followed the spur to the steep part and there to the boulders. Saw the water control on the other rocks but kept going to the one circled on my map. No control. Then down to control on the wrong feature.
7. Up over the hill and down the spur.
8. NE skirting under the three hilltops and cliffs to the reentrant.
9. Straight downhill to get to the trail as soon as possible. I had to leave my map at the top under a stone to use both hands to get into the pit.
10. East to the trail, over the sandbag bridge, and left at the correct junction. Really surprised by the number of others who missed the trail (either on the map or in the field) and used the road instead.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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